Frequently Asked Questions


Can I pick up or request a ballot for someone else?
Can I request an absentee ballot by email or fax?
Can I use power of attorney to request a ballot for my spouse, child or parent?
Can someone else return my absentee ballot for me?
Do I need to sign the return envelope of my absentee ballot?
Do absentee ballots even get counted?
How can I get an absentee ballot for my son or daughter serving in the military?
How can I get an absentee ballot for my son or daughter who is in college?
How can I get an absentee ballot for this election?
I heard one of the candidates is ahead based on absentee voting. Is this right?
What if I lost my absentee ballot that was mailed to me?
What is the last day I can turn in my absentee ballot?
When are absentee ballots counted?

Election Day

Are the polling places accessible?
Can I get help marking my ballot?
Can I register to vote on Election Day?
Can I take my absentee ballot to the polls on Election Day and vote there?
Do I need to show ID to vote?
I am already registered but my information needs updated; can I do that on Election Day?
I can't get out of my car; can someone bring me a ballot to vote from there?
I lost my absentee ballot; can I just go vote on Election Day?
If someone helps me mark the ballot, can they tell others how I voted?
What do I need to bring with me to vote?
What does the Voter's Declaration of Eligibility form illustrate at the polls on Election Day?
What if I lost my ID or forgot to take one with me to the polls?
What if I want to register to vote on Election Day and I don't have an Iowa driver's license?
What if I want to register to vote on Election Day, but I'm a college student and live on campus. What kind of documentation do I need?
What if I'm still waiting in line when the polls close?
What is a provisional ballot?
What is the first step when I vote at the polls on Election Day?
What kind of voting system will I see?
What's next after I sign the Voter's Declaration of Eligibility form?
When are election results released?
Who determines whether a voter's provisional ballot is valid?
Why are the official results different from the results posted on election night?
Why do they scan your driver's license at the polls on Election Day?

General Information

Can I get a new ballot if I make a mistake or lose my ballot?
Can I vote for someone that is not on the ballot?
Can an independent vote in a primary election?
Do I have to vote for everything on the ballot?
How do I know my ballot will be counted correctly?
How should I mark the ballot?
If I change my mind on who I want to vote for after I have returned my ballot, can I get a new one?
If I chose a party do I have to vote for all of their candidates?
Is the voting system trustworthy?
What if I don't have an ID?
What is Voter ID?
Where are you located?
Where do I vote?


How can I find out if I am registered to vote?
Can I update my voter registration over the phone?
Can a homeless person register to vote?
Can someone with a previous felony conviction vote?
Do I have to change my voter registration if my name or address changes?
Do I have to register to vote for every election?
How can I register to vote?
How do I update my address?
I just registered and received a card in the mail but there is a mistake on it; what do I do now?
I registered as an independent; why does my card say "NP" or "No Party"?
What does "preregister" mean?
Who can register to vote?
Why should I preregister, if I can register on Election Day?

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