Public Docks

Cerro Gordo County has permits issued by the Iowa DNR for public docks located on public accesses to Clear Lake. The Planning and Zoning Office administers to the public docks, including assignments, waiting lists, and ensuring docks are maintained in accordance with DNR rules and the County Dock Policy.

Public Dock Locations

There are 15 public docks to which we administer. Find the locations of each dock on this map.

  • Bayberry Avenue, Ventura Heights
  • 242nd Street, Ventura Heights
  • 240th Street, Dodges Point Park
  • Pascal Street, PM Park
  • Leroy Street, PM Park
  • Lakeview Drive, Oakwood Park
  • Ash Street, Oakwood Park
  • Linden Street, Oakwood Park
  • Oak Street, Oakwood Park
  • Elm Street, Oakwood Park
  • Hill Street, Oakwood Park
  • Sycamore Street, Oakwood Park
  • Walnut Street, Oakwood Park
  • Hackberry Street, Oakwood Park
  • Maple Street, Oakwood Park

Dock Waiting Lists

Request to be on the Dock Waiting Lists:

  1. Visit our online permitting system to apply to join the waiting lists.
  2. Find Public Dock "Waitlist Request," then click "Start Application".

To be placed on a waiting list, please include the following information:

  • Which dock(s) you want to be on the waiting list for
  • Name
  • Address of property owned on the South Shore or in Cerro Gordo County
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email address, if possible
  • Any other information to assist us in contacting you, such as an alternate phone number

Incomplete information will not be accepted. Ownership of property will be verified to determine the priority group in which you will be placed. If ownership of a house cannot be confirmed, you will automatically be placed in the Priority 3 group.

Waiting List Details

  • Separate waiting list for each dock
  • May request to be put on waiting lists for any of the 15 dock at no cost
  • We work through waiting list as spots open up, which happen by an assignee giving up an assignment, an assignee not using an assignment, or an assignee not following the Dock Policy.

Dock Assignments

  • When we arrive to your name on a waiting list, we will contact you.
  • Due to high demand, we can only offer you one assignment.
  • Assignments based on:
    • Priority 1: own a house in a South Shore subdivision
    • Priority 2: own a house in Cerro Gordo County
    • Priority 3: Iowa residents.
  • Assignments offered to Priority 1 first, then Priority 2, and then Priority 3. Assignments offered to earliest requests first in each priority group.



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